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A Daughter’s Sacrifice

I recently signed up for, which has a cool widget that I’ve installed on this page to showcase recent visitors to this website. I’m also seeing an unexpected benefits from – discovering interesting blogs that I otherwise may never find. For example, today I came upon a blog by a vascular surgeon. If you can’t read Chinese, you may not be able to immediately appreciate the title of this post, but I’ll explain.

Dr. Ko is a vascular surgeon who was born, educated, and works in Taiwan. He recently wrote an entry about operating on a dialysis patient who has received several operations before, but none of which was performed by Dr. Ko because of circumstances.

The patient – an elderly mother – told Dr. Ko that her only daughter was originally going to get married this year. The wedding had been planned long ago. Because of the mother’s condition, the daughter continually postponed her wedding to take care of her mom. Her daughter was supposed to have gotten married six or seven years ago, and then the mother’s kidney condition postponed it. Her daughter was worried about her mother’s caretaking, and repeatedly refused opportunities for marriage.

And this time… when they thought a joyful occasion may come to pass, the mother’s health worsened.

Dr. Ko said he is determined to help “fix these vessels!”

That’s what medicine is all about; the human stories and love and sacrifice behind each patient.

Updated: June 30, 2013 — 8:08 am

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