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Device Companies Post How Much They Paid Orthopedic Surgeons

Major device companies that have been investigated by the government and entered into settlement were required to post how much they paid to orthopedic surgeons for consulting services. Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog posted the links to the company websites disclosing payment sums:

Stryker Consulting Payments (check out Richard Harrison Rothman in Philly)

J&J’s DePuy must have deep pockets because several orthos earned almost 3 million dollars in consulting fees (PDF file)

Biomet (check out Adolph V. Lombardi)

Smith & Nephew (check out Richard Laskin)

Many of these surgeons earned tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees, but some received hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a few earned over a million (there was one ortho who earned almost 3 million dollars in consulting fees). WSJ blogged about the investigation on September 2007.

Updated: June 30, 2013 — 8:07 am

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