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How Pharma Employees Rip Off Their Employers

Not sure if this adds up much to the costs of drugs, but it does bloat the overhead that is paid by pharma companies to keep its employees.

For example, a pharma field manager wants to do a “ride along” with her subordinate. Sounds logical, yes? Only she wants to go to a state where the subordinate really has very little business there.

That makes no sense, wouldn’t you want to go on a ride-along with your subordinate to a place where he’s got a ton of business, so you can see how he performs and what he’s doing?

Turns out that it’s because the manager has a hobby – let’s say – trains – and there happens to be a train festival going on in the “state that has little or no business”.

The plot thickens.

The pharma manager is just using this “ride-along” as a pretext for her hobby with trains.

Now, what’s the harm in that? Other than the company having to pay for that managers plane ride, hotel say, all “business meals”, transportation… that easily comes up to maybe $1000-$2500 a trip.

Stealing from your employer.

All in the name of managing.

Updated: June 30, 2013 — 8:04 am

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  1. I love it! Surely they have to have some way to salve their consciences..would you deny them extras on the back of a wicked Big Pharma company? Yes, I know the cost is passed to the consumer. Then maybe we should stop consuming their poisons, eh?

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