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Marketing Works by Neutralizing Your Sense of Fair Market Value

The problem with customer “taste” or “preference” is that this is a subjective metric versus objective metric.

This is why marketing works by disrupting or neutralizing our sense of fair market value and at the same time, recalibrate our arbitrary sense of “worth” of a product.

Even if we have the means to objectively and rationally assess the “fair market value” of a product, marketing builds our perception around a product using very subjective measures that are meant to get us emotionally invested in the product, which then means we WANT to pay more because we will rationalize — “I’m worth it.”

A good example is the L’Oreal commercials here in the U.S. I don’t use their cosmetics but I have heard enough of their commercials to remember their slogan: “I’m worth it”.

— in other words, you can buy a $3 bottle of foundation from a no-name manufacturer. It contains the exact “key ingredients” as a $10-$15 bottle of brand name foundation. But hey — “I”m worth it!” Suddenly you are justified in purchasing a more expensive bottle of product because you are making a statement about your self worth NOT about fair market value.

Then — you add in subject aspects to that “worth it” marketing line, by adding perfumes and pretty bottles.

What has been even more interesting is how companies can now sell on “X-free”, and charge you more for giving you less.

Fragrance-free costs more than regular fragrance products.
Fat free costs more than regular fat-laden products.
Low sodium costs more than sodium-laden products.

Shouldn’t I pay more when I’m getting less?

No because I’m getting less “crap”, and I am taught by marketing that my health is worth the higher price I pay.

Why? Because I’m Worth It.

Updated: May 22, 2013 — 9:47 am

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