74% of Medical Students Believe Pharma Sponsored Grand Rounds are Biased

PLoS medicine did an analysis of medical students’ attitudes toward pharma marketing to them, and not surprisingly, they’re skeptical and confused.

I say not surprising because that attitude translates to how physicians feel about pharma, except they are more indignant:

“What, Me, corruptible?! How dare you! Sir, I am a PROFESSIONAL!”

I’ll let Robert Cialdini, author of the definitive book on Influence, respond for me, “Please excuse me while I, a scientist, Laugh.” But I digress.

Rather than read the paper, look at the data, which is what you would want to do anyway as a critical, discerning observer/consumer.

Look at the data table of what medical students say about their interactions – 74% say that industry supported grand rounds and CMEs are “biased”.

This matches up with physicians’ attitudes about how CMEs supported by pharma are “biased”.

Yet they keep accepting pharma supported events and food. Why?

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