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Bullied by Pharma Co? Fax Senator Grassley

Doctors can now fax Senator Chuck Grassley at 202-228-2131 to report on drug companies that the doctors perceive to “push too far” and are being “bullied” by drug companies. Doctors can remain anonymous and send information by mail or fax. This effort came at the heels of the Avandia investigation earlier this year, where manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline was accused of pressuring Avandia critic John Buse to change his story about Avandia risks. The company said it wanted Buse to correct factual errors Buse made about the drug, while Buse said the company used intimidation tactics.

I wonder if Grassley knows what floodgate he’s opening up by creating a service that allows anonymous tips on what is very much a subjective behavior (i.e. what one perceives to be intimidation or bullying or “hardball tactics”), and whether the senator is actually equipped to conduct investigations into every complaint filed. Source: WSJ Blog.