How you can still coach with compassion in pharma biotech

Most people in the pharmaceutical industry want to play by the rules and meet all compliance standards. I haven’t ever met any employee or managerial leader who has told me, “I want to bend the rules as much as possible then get the hell out of here, I can’t care less what happens to patients.”

However, where behavior and ideals collide, is when people observe inconsistencies with preached rules and prevailing behaviors that are rewarded.

Thus, pharma managers and executives must coach their teams on at least 2 levels:

Level 1 Tap into the Ideal Self

Coaching with compassion level may be done by tapping into the person’s ideal of how he and she wants to work in the role and in industry; that person’s vision of why s/he matters in the job s/he is doing.

Many people in industry do this for personal reasons, whether they’ve been a patient themselves or have had family and friends go through a health crisis that propelled them to want to get into the industry. Connecting with these ideals and catalytic events can rekindle that vision the employees held when they entered the industry.

Level 2 Navigate those risky gray areas

Discussing the inconsistencies that arise, and from the person’s positive emotional attractor state, to look at these inconsistencies and ask that person what s/he think is happening and then what s/he thinks about it.

This creates concrete examples that the leader/coach and team member can discuss, rather than generalities about “what we should and shouldn’t do, what we could and couldn’t do.”

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