3 Reasons Why It would Be Great if Apple Made Cigarettes

My blog buddy Johnny Ancich created this very smart cartoon about cigarettes:

and asked, “If Apple made cigarettes, would they be called iCigs?”

It may not be a bad idea if Steve Jobs gets into the cigarette manufacturing business. Just consider at least these 3 benefits:

1) Cigarettes will have a black mouthpiece to keep in line with Apple’s black-and-white sleekness. This will then brighten up the yellow color of smokers’ teeth. iCigs may also be offered in trendy lime, fuchsia, and cyan colors, all of which distracts from the yellow color of a smoker’s teeth.

2) iCig will give way to iCig “the next generation” or iCig “nano”, which will be a smaller and sleeker iCig, and maybe give way to progressively smaller iCigs like iCig “angstrom” or iCig “femto” until there is only the “spirit of iCig” whereby the smoker is completely eliminated of the smoking habit.

3) iCig will be so ridiculously overpriced that smokers will eventually quit smoking because they can no longer afford it (that is, unless Steve Jobs decides to give $100 discounts to purchasers of the first generation iCigs) or they quit out of frustration of iCig’s questionable performance to light up and/or stay lit.

What other social benefits do you think iCig may have?

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