You Can Fall Victim to Healthcare Fraud!

Think “Healthcare Fraud” happens only with big drug companies with shady sales and marketing practices? Think again!

The next big wave of healthcare fraud is being perpetuated to average people – it’s called Medical Identity Theft.

That’s right… healthcare and insurance benefits are as valuable as cash – in some cases even more valuable than the face value of cash. That’s why ID thieves are targeting people’s healthcare benefits.

These thieves are the scum of the scum because they are literally stripping off people’s ability to save their own lives by messing with their healthcare insurance: imagine you or someone you love suddenly discover you have a catastrophic illness requiring tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of medical treatment. You have coverage except – it was all drained by a medical identity thief. I put these low-lives on par with scum who rip off senior citizens’ life savings.

Take a moment and visit the Federal Trade Commissions’ website to learn more about Medical Identity Theft and how to protect yourself and your family.

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